PREMIERE: Music Video for Oan Kim’s Wong Kar Why

Wong Kar Why is the latest release from French musician, photographer and documentary maker Oan Kim. Taking inspiration from filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai’s work, the accompanying music video depicts Kim’s wife in various locations across the world over the course of five years. Describing the video as ‘a portrait of the person I met and fell […]

The Actor’s Chronicles – Angelika May

Often, we start to hear about actors when they are cast in a major role and their career is taking off. However, before this moment can happen, there are the years of auditions, drama school and a lot of hard work. We wanted to know about what really happens in the early stages of an […]

Our Most Anticipated Films to See On The Big Screen

Tomorrow, after months and months of waiting, cinemas are set to reopen across the UK. Having had to make do with tiny screens and – let’s be real – a quite dire selection of bad Netflix films, we can’t wait to finally sit in a dark cinema and watch some exciting new stuff. For those […]

The Beauty of Nomadland

Yesterday night, the 93rd Academy Awards were held in LA, in an understated, simpler ceremony than we are normally used to. It seems only right then, that the Best Picture winner isn’t a big, over-the-top production, but an uncomplicated film that captures the life of nomadic people in America. With director Chloe Zhao also snapping […]

The National Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet – A Hybrid of the Arts

A year into a global pandemic, and theatres, cinemas and venues are still shut in most places around the world. Throughout this time, arts organisations have become more creative in the ways they bring their performances and shows to the public. Many resorted to the live-broadcasting on YouTube, but the National Theatre took it a […]

REVIEW: Search Party’s Chaotic Season Four

The mysterious, dark comedy, Search Party, debuted in 2016 as a quirky and reasonably thrilling watch with a basic premise: four 20-something New Yorkers attempt to find a missing person who they barely know. Four seasons later, the premise still holds in some way or another, except this time, the missing person is anew. It’s […]

Malcolm & Marie vs. Before Midnight: How To Write An Argument

When I first heard about the release of Malcolm & Marie I was immediately excited. Starring two of my favourite actors (Zendaya and John David Washington), written and directed by Sam Levinson and completely centring around one night in a relationship seemed like the key ingredients of what would become my new favourite film. But […]

The Ultimate Rom-Com Guide

Look, we know Valentine’s Day is just a capitalist invention to sell overpriced flowers and gifts no one really needs, but we’re in the third national lockdown and anything to break away from another daily walk and a zoom-call with your friends is much needed. So whether you’re single or locked inside with your significant […]

The Top 10 of the 2010s: Best Cinematography

The 2010’s were packed with game changing films: debuts from independent giants that went onto blockbuster successes (such as Ava Duvernay and Barry Jenkins), and technological firsts from Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro G. Iñárritu. The decade also saw the return to form from icons such as Martin Scorsese and Paul Thomas Anderson. This week, we’re […]

REVIEW: One Night in Miami – Regina King’s powerful debut

Regina King has proved over the years that she is one of the best actresses around, with her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk being one of our favourites of the last decades. This year also saw the release of her feature film debut. Having already directed several episodes of different tv shows, One […]


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