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PREMIERE: Music Video for Oan Kim’s Wong Kar Why

Wong Kar Why is the latest release from French musician, photographer and documentary maker Oan Kim. Taking inspiration from filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai’s work, the accompanying music video depicts Kim’s wife in various locations across the world over the course of five years. Describing the video as ‘a portrait of the person I met and fell […]

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INTERVIEW – Sam Bruce: Poet and Co-founder of House Of Rhymes

On a rare, warm March morning, I meet up with writer and co-founder of House of Rhymes, Sam Bruce in London Fields. Almost a year since we’ve last seen each other, we grab a coffee for a much-needed catch-up and an opportunity for me to ask them about their writing, our mutual love of London […]

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The National Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet – A Hybrid of the Arts

A year into a global pandemic, and theatres, cinemas and venues are still shut in most places around the world. Throughout this time, arts organisations have become more creative in the ways they bring their performances and shows to the public. Many resorted to the live-broadcasting on YouTube, but the National Theatre took it a […]

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ReelGems – ‘Estupenda Café Bar’, Madrid’s one-of-a-kind Twin Peaks rendition

Praised by David Lynch himself, Madrid’s iconic ‘Estupenda Café Bar’ is struggling to keep afloat. Brought to life in 2018 by Silvia Prieto, a David Lynch superfan and Twin Peaks enthusiast, it has garnered attention from all over the world due to its impressively accurate design and dreamy décor. The legendary singer Rebekah del Rio […]

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INTERVIEW: Kenny Cumino – Bringing Poetry to the Stage

Kenny Cumino is an actress, writer and director of the company Pint Sized Poetry, a curated night full of spoken word poetry. Steadily growing over the years, the nights have been massively succesful and have attracted performers and artists as well as complete newbies to the world of spoken word. With a night in the […]

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200 Years of Emily Brontë

Everyone has heard of Wuthering Heights. May it be the Kate Bush song, the endless TV and film adaptions, or the book itself. Emily Brontë’s and Kate Bush’s birthday both fall on the same day (30th of July), so it’s fitting to take a few moments to remember the sheer gravity of the novel that […]