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Sounds Of The Future – YOWL

Modern life is rubbish, we’ve heard it time and time again from the biggest musical voices in history. Modern love “breaks me” claimed Bloc Party in their highly acclaimed debut. “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times” worried the Beach Boys over fifty years ago on Pet Sounds. Its a message we’ve heard over […]


Is ‘The Help’ doing more damage than good in the fight for racial equality?

The Help is a film that has been held in high acclaim by critics and audiences alike since its release in 2011. The film’s portrayal of racial relations in 1960s Mississippi is tinged with moments of profound sadness as well as lighter comedic relief, giving voice to previously sidelined individuals and gaining it a reputation […]

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Sounds Of The Future – OSCAR JEROME

I first heard the name Oscar Jerome in a discussion with a friend of a friend about up and coming music. Her modest description of a new, modern style of jazz led me to listening to his single ‘Give Back What You Stole From Me’ and a deep, obsessive excitement ensued. There are doubtless similarities […]

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REELgems. – An Ode to The Old Blue Last

Music has always been a huge part of my life and, as reflected by the Sounds of The Future series, getting out there and hearing the latest noise is part of the thrill of that obsession. And yet, when I found myself arriving in London last September having grown up regularly attending the northern venues […]