We are a group of female students based in and around London. Each of us big lovers of film and music and any form of art in general, we decided to start REELculture. An online magazine where we can share our love with the rest of the world.

We will write about new films, old films, up and coming bands and established stars. From reviews and interviews to critical articles and essays: you can expect something new every day.




Being the film-obsessed person she is, Chloe moved from The Netherlands to London to pursue a career in this industry. While studying film in university, she felt she could use her free time sharing the things she learned with other people. This is where the idea of REELculture. first started. After months of debating, she finally started an online magazine completely dedicated to film, music and any form of art: written by students for anyone that loves culture as much as we do.


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Having grown up surrounded by music and being dragged to gigs by her enthusiastic parents from a very young age Eve’s love of music has only grown with age. Working in Vinyl Tap records in Huddersfield for a number of years before starting at Sister Ray in Soho last September she prides herself in trying to keep up to date with the newest sounds. Since becoming a history student last September her enthusiasm for writing has only grown and so REELculture was a massively exciting opportunity for her to talk about the stuff she loves further.


Any suggestions, comments or compliments can always be sent to us on the CONTACT page. We are always looking for young students to write for us: just send us some of your work through reelculturecontact@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!