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Release Round-Up: Paul Bond, Billie Flynn, Ali Coyle & More

So many amazing singles, EP’s and albums are released every week that it can be hard to keep track of it all. To make things nice and easy for you, here are some of our favourite releases of the last week. Bringing you something from different countries, genres and styles.

Sunset Blues – Paul Bond

Sunset Blues is the debut single from Dutch singer-songwriter Paul Bond. Inspired by country music combined with modern folk influences, the track feels both familiar and refreshing at the same time. Perfect for a lazy summer’s day listen, Bond clearly knows how to tell a story and pull you in with his songwriting and the song promises exciting things for his upcoming EP.

Songs For My Therapist EP- Ali Coyle

Navigating her experiences as an openly queer woman, Ali Coyle offers an honest and open insight into her journey to self-acceptance with her EP Songs For My Therapist. Covering themes of love, heartbreak and growth, the EP is a beautiful and vulnerable release. With influences from multiple genres, each track adds something new and surprising, making this an exciting and unexpected listen.

Hey Stranger – Billie Flynn

Another debut on our list, this time from Cornish singer Billie Flynn. Having just signed with Gabrielle Aplin’s Never Fade Records, Hey Stranger is her first release. With a voice that immediately stands out, the track is a great introduction to Flynn’s dreamy and mellow sound. The song holds your focus on the lyrics and keeps the production simple, knowing that Flynn’s voice alone is enough to pull you in.

Dancers – Luca Firth

After his first release, Wings, Luca Firth is back with his second track Dancers. Another incredible offering, Firth’s songwriting captivates you and manages to create a peaceful and magical world you can’t help but turn back to time and time again. With only two singles under his belt, Firth has already proven he’s one of the most exciting new indie-folk artists around.

Fool – Dominic Wolf

A true DIY artists, Dominic Wolf writes, produces and plays everything himself. Fool is his latest release and the title track for his upcoming EP. Blending acoustic sounds with electro pop, the single goes into unexpected directions, making this an exciting and unpredictable listen.

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