Release Round-Up: KINDER, Hanne Mjøen & More

So many amazing singles, EP’s and albums are released every week that it can be hard to keep track of it all. To make things nice and easy for you, here are some of our favourite releases of the last week. Bringing you something from different countries, genres and styles.

Hell With You – Hanne Mjøen

Hell With You is the latest release from Norwegian Alt-Pop artist Hanne Mjøen. Already having gathered millions of streams across platforms, she’s clearly one to watch. With a dynamic sound that is never quite what you expect, her music makes you want to dance around your room. With another EP on the way, we can’t wait until we get to hear her music in a packed room full of people.

For anyone who wants music to dance to, with lyrics to cry over.

Photo by Sarah Perry

Tightrope Dance – Morning Crush

Morning Crush creates music that is reminiscent of 1960s folk, with his latest single Tightrope Dance being no exception to this. Bittersweet and acoustic-led, the song explores romance and companionship. A song that wouldn’t be out of place in an American indie-film, Morning Crush creates beautifully mellow tracks that you keep coming back to.

For anyone who wants to feel like they’re on a road trip across 1960s America.

Private Members Club – Richard Jahn

After releasing music four years ago and garnering interest from the industry, Richard Jahn completely disappeared from the scene. Now, living on a farm surrounded by 100 life sized elephant sculptures (really) – where he’s building his own recording studio – he has finally decided to make a comeback with his single Private Members Club. A societal commentary, Jahn proves he’s as good as ever. We just hope he sticks around this time.

For anyone who wants something bold and narrative-driven.

Gently – KINDER

Gently is the lead single of KINDER’s recently announced debut album and gives us an insight into the singer-songwriter’s beautifully honest music. The track explores his experience with modern dating through poetic writing and soft vocals. Also featuring Paige Bea, the track promises an exciting album to come.

For anyone who wants something peaceful and soft.

Patterns Of My Mind – Glass Dove

Nashville-based producer and vocalist Glass Dove has an uncanny ability to combine all sorts of instruments, sounds and genres into an unexpected track. With his latest single Patterns Of My Mind is an indie-rock track that features Liz Cooper & The Stampede and Desert Noises. It’s an exciting offering ahead of his upcoming full-length album that will surely be a showcase of his craftsmanship and creativity.

For anyone who loves mellow rock with a twist.

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