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SOTW: Ryuichi Sakamoto – Amore

Welcome to Song of the Week! Every Friday we will share a track, old or new, that’s we’re loving that week and we think you ought to hear.

This week’s track is by a true musical pioneer. Ryuichi Sakamoto creates music that surpasses genres and cultures, touching listeners in a seemingly universal manner. From his work as a part of the legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra, whose significant musical legacy is difficult to exaggerate, to his solo career which swerves from the synthy immersive experience that is Thousand Knives to his beautiful and immediately recognisable compositions for soundtracks such as the title track to Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, he is a genuine genius of the way sound can be used to capture emotions, ground presence, and test boundaries.

Sakamoto’s discography is so extensive and nuanced it was difficult to choose a singular track to feature for this week’s SOTW. Each area his music touches upon is enriched and brightened by his presence. However, Amore is a track that is truly captivating. One of his simpler songs composed on a solo piano, it is perhaps the most raw example of Sakamoto’s musical connection. The track transcends its own format, rising and falling in a dreamy but intoxicating way. Captivating and wonderful like the Amore it takes its namesake from.

Words can hardly do justice to the beautiful simplicity of this track. Listening to it provides a moment of solace in the chaos of modernity, you must allow yourself to get lost in its flow.

You can listen to Amore here, or find it on our playlist which is updated weekly here.

Photography by Jiro Konami, sourced via.

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