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SOTW: Jockstrap -Yellow In Green

Welcome to Song of the Week! Every Friday we will share a track, old or new, that’s we’re loving that week and we think you ought to hear.

This week’s choice is the beautiful and intimate track ‘Yellow In Green’ by the phenomenal Jockstrap from their EP ‘Wicked City’ which was released last year. To be honest, any of Jockstrap’s songs could have landed on this list – their output is astoundingly consistent in quality and each track displays their unique style in a different way.

Jockstrap are one of the most exciting bands to emerge for a very long time, their debut EP ‘Love Is the Key to the City’ introduced them to the world with orchestral strings, beautiful harmonies and crude but thoughtful lyrics. 2020 saw the release of ‘Wicked City’ and the project’s transition to integrating more glitchy electronica into their sound. The same year also saw the group (consisting of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye) sign to the legendary Warp label. It was a particularly busy year for Ellery, who is a member of Black Country, New Road, who released their debut album to much acclaim at the beginning of this year.

Personally, ‘Yellow In Green’ stands out to me so much as a track because it branches the progression in Jockstrap’s sound between these two EPs. The harmonic vocals and almost classical sound remain, but fade into glitchy experimental synths. Jockstrap are truly one of the most unique and intriguing groups producing music right now and this song perfectly captures why.

You can listen to ‘Yellow In Green’ here, or on our playlist which is updated weekly!

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