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Release Round-Up: Cosmic Crooner, Emily Hackett and More

So many amazing singles, EP’s and albums are released every week that it can be hard to keep track of it all. To make things nice and easy for you, here are some of our favourite releases of the last week. Bringing you something from different countries, genres and styles.

Honey – Claire Renée

Claire Renée is what you might call a multi-talent: having trained as a classical dancer with esteemed schools such as The Dance Theatre of Harlem, she has now verged into the music scene. Her latest single ‘Honey‘ is a mix of soul, R&B and pop and her smooth vocals truly shine. It’s a sweet and relaxing song to endlessly dream away to.

For anyone who needs to wind-down after a long day.

Deep Down in Jazz – Cosmic Crooner

Deep Down in Jazz is the debut single of Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Cosmic Crooner. The song seems to be out of another decade, which is unsurprising considering his main influences are Lou Reed, Serge Gainsbourg and the Beach Boys (amongst others). His (self-proclaimed) ‘Doowop Space Pop’ makes us nostalgic for a time we are too young to have experienced, and we can’t wait to hear more from him. Watch the video here.

For anyone who is sick of the 2020s and wants to feel like they are dancing in a half-empty bar.

My Version of a Love Song EP – Emily Hackett

Released late last year, ‘My Version of a Love Song’ is the follow-up to her 2019 album. A compilation of six songs that see Emily Hackett verge more into pop while still staying close to her rock and country roots. Now, she’s released two acoustic versions of the songs ‘How The Hell‘ and ‘Can’t Help Myself’, that showcase her stunning vocals and bring her songwriter to the forefront. Watch them here and here.

For anyone who needs something calming and romantic.

We Loved – Charity Children

Making a come-back after a five-year hiatus, Charity Children released ‘We Loved‘ this week. The Berlin-based duo – consisting of Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee – used their romantic break-up as the inspiration for the song, creating an unusually positive break-up song that makes us excited for what’s to come. The single is accompanied by an 80s-inspired video, full of nostalgia and humour which you can watch here.

For anyone who needs a healthy break-up song.

Photo by Caroline Mackintosh

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