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ALBUM REVIEW: Today We’re The Greatest – Middle Kids

Hope is an underrated word” sings Hannah Joy on the first track of the Middle Kids’ sophomore album Today We’re The Greatest. The opening track is a surprisingly understated, emotional opener for the Sydney-based trio, but one that immediately grabs your attention. The acoustic-driven song is the first indication that the band is more confident and secure in their sound than ever.

Every song on the album perfectly flows together, while providing surprising elements such as the introduction of the banjo on ‘Lost in Los Angeles‘ or the sound of the heartbeat of Hannah and fellow-bandmate Tim Fitz’s son on ‘Run With You‘. Each song adds a different element to the album, while never feeling out of place.

Today We’re The Greatest effortlessly moves from emotional power-ballads to cathartic and liberating tunes. By the time you reach the final song on the album (Today We’re The Greatest), you feel a little bit lighter, a bit more hopeful. Joy explained she wants to ‘make music that makes people feel seen’, evoking a ‘sense of love’. With Today We’re The Greatest, Middle Kids have achieved exactly that, and all we want to do is listen to the album all over again.

Listen to Today We’re The Greatest here.

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