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Sounds of the Future – Anna Leone

Every once in a while, an artist comes along whose music seems to come from a different planet, whose voice seems to tap right into your soul. And while that may seem hyperbolic, it seems to be the only right way to describe Anna Leone’s music. From the second her songs start, all you can ask yourself is: where has this been all my life?

Growing up in a suburb in Stockholm, Anna Leone was fascinated by video games and sci-fi, loving to ‘lose herself in other universes’. With her music, she seems to have created a universe of her own. Haunting and hopeful at the same time, her lyrics are unique and stand out from other artists while simultaneously conveying a universal message of growing-up and finding yourself.

Her latest single ‘Once’ similarly explores these topics. As Anna describes herself, it is a song about ‘choosing to embrace what once was in order to move forward’. It is a message that can be applied to many aspects of life, but as we’re reaching the one year anniversary of the UK’s first lockdown, we can’t help but see it as a hopeful message towards our future.

Anna’s venture into music started solely for herself, trying to learn the songs of artists such as Bon Iver and Laura Marling on her guitar. And while we’re so glad she decided to share her talent with the world after all, this intimacy of creating music for herself can still be felt in her sound today. It is music that gives you comfort and solace, and makes it the perfect soundtrack to a new year in which we’re hopefully able to heal and recover after a year of loneliness and grief.

Anna Leone is our sound of the future, as she manages to combine a timelessness and originality that is rare for new artists today. For someone who is only 26, she possesses a maturity in her songwriting and a depth to her voice that is well beyond her years.

‘Once’ is available on all major streaming platforms.

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