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ReelGems – ‘Estupenda Café Bar’, Madrid’s one-of-a-kind Twin Peaks rendition

Praised by David Lynch himself, Madrid’s iconic ‘Estupenda Café Bar’ is struggling to keep afloat. Brought to life in 2018 by Silvia Prieto, a David Lynch superfan and Twin Peaks enthusiast, it has garnered attention from all over the world due to its impressively accurate design and dreamy décor. The legendary singer Rebekah del Rio has performed here, and fans have flocked to Madrid just to get a booth.

For those who know Twin Peaks, Estupenda is a marvel – it is the perfect blend between the other-worldly, late 50s Americana aesthetic that Twin Peaks (1990-1991) embodies and the divinely simple coziness of a roadside café. The top floor resembles Norma’s Double R Diner, while the downstairs bar is a carbon copy of the Roadhouse and the haunting Red Room – statue and red curtains included.

We interviewed our friend Silvia, the owner of Estupenda, who very enthusiastically told us about her creation. “I have been a Lynch and Twin Peaks fan since I was a little girl”, she explains. “Everything about it immediately called out to me – the aesthetics, the music, the (in)coherent stories… Lynch is a unique and incomparable genius.”

Silvia used to be a waitress at Bar Coconut, a tropical-themed venue that shut down in 2017. She consequently rented it out and turned it into the magnificent gem it is today. Her expertise as a costume designer allowed her to make an astonishingly accurate homage: “Truth be told, I had it all in my head, and the old bar was perfectly suited for it. When I saw it all set up, I couldn’t believe it, but it was exactly the same as I wanted it. The year it shut was the same year that season 3, ‘The Return’, came out. As I re-watched the entire thing, I would imagine what the Coconut Bar would look like if it turned into the Roadhouse and Norma Jennings’s diner”.

Not only has Estupenda received worldwide attention, but the one and only Rebekah del Rio (known for her hit songs ‘Llorando’ and ‘No Stars’) performed in 2019 during her European tour. “It was a beautiful experience, and on top of it, we became great friends. It all happened thanks to Kenneth Philips, who contacted me through Facebook a year ago and told me that Rebekah was starting a European tour and had never been to Madrid. He put me in contact with her and, soon after, the dream became reality. While she was here, we made a video for David that she sent him on his birthday. He absolutely loved the bar and said that not even he could have done a better job”.

While there are similar homages to Twin Peaks all around the Washington area, none comes close to Estupenda Café Bar’s accuracy. The fact that a city like Madrid has had such an overwhelmingly positive response to the venue begs the question of expansion – “I can imagine it in a city like Los Angeles, for example. I would love to set up an Estupenda Café over there, to be honest. It was such a massive hit in Madrid and still is. We got tourists from all over the world: Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Germany… England and Scotland, mostly. Also people from all over Spain, especially on the weekends.”

It’s been months now since Estupenda was forced to temporarily shut, and it only recently surpassed half of its 6k EUR goal. If you would like to help our friend Silvia, you are welcome to make a donation of 8 EUR, which is the price of one drink at the bar. You can also donate 12 EUR and get a lovely Estupenda mug. Don’t allow this gem to shut forever!

Check out their virtual tour here:


Instagram @estupendacafebar

Location: Calle de San Roque, 14. 28004 Madrid, Spain

Silvia Prieto, aka ‘Estupenda Jones’, owner of Estupenda Café Bar

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