REELgems: The timelessness of Genesis cinema

For everyone living in East London, Genesis is well-known. It is the perfect hangout place for students, families and basically anyone who loves film. It is so great, we think it is even worth a trip East for the ones that aren’t so lucky to live around the corner of London’s best cinema (yes, we did say it is the best).

Starting as a theatre called Paragon Theatre of Varieties, where even Charlie Chaplin performed, it became a cinema in 1912. Even then, it was a famous cinema: holding the premiere of the 1963 feature Sparrows Can’t Sing Here -attended by the notorious Kray twins- it was the place to be for film-lovers around London. Unfortunately,  as VHS took over and more and more cinemas were closing down, Paragon eventually had to shut its doors in 1989. Lucky for us, in 1999 it reopened as Genesis as the current owner thought a new cinema in the east end was long overdue.

Now, the cinema boasts three screens, two luxurious studios (that are definitely worth a visit if you want to have an extra-special night) a bar and a cafe. Whether you want to have a cup of coffee, see the latest releases or fancy a cocktail: there is something for everyone. Not only are you able to see the newest films at an amazingly low price (Monday-Wednesday you can get tickets for as low as a fiver), Genesis is known for holding many special screenings and film festivals that can’t be missed.

All in all, Genesis is one of our go-to cinemas in London and one of our favourite spots for an evening out and simply has to be visited by anyone that loves film even a little bit.

Have a look on the website for tickets, more information and the full story of how Genesis came to be:

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