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Sounds Of The Future – YOWL

Modern life is rubbish, we’ve heard it time and time again from the biggest musical voices in history. Modern love “breaks me” claimed Bloc Party in their highly acclaimed debut. “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times” worried the Beach Boys over fifty years ago on Pet Sounds. Its a message we’ve heard over and over again, but that always remains relevant. YOWL continue these themes of isolation and frustration in their clever story-like lyrics that are delivered with punchy urgency.

Their tune Saturday Drag begins slowly, anxiously realising “I never see you anymore” and as the pace picks up, so does the frustration. Feelings of isolation develop into anxiety and paranoia in the words “I’m getting scared again”. These inescapably modern themes of loneliness and lack of control over your own life are found again and again in YOWL’s work. In My Headache Likes to Speak a catchy, 00s indie-esque guitar riff accompanies lyrics describing destructive tendencies in the face of the pressures of modern life repeatedly asking “fix me another one”.

What makes them a Sound of the Future? YOWL embody modern city living and universal worries in the face of an ever changing world. They are angry, relatable and self aware, not only of the issues we face as a generation but also the destructive and often damaging ways we attempt to deal with them. Not only are they relevant, their music is catchy and their lyrics are often woven with humour (particularly in their most recent single Warm (In the Soft White Fire of Modern Living)). YOWL’s stories are there to be appreciated and heard. Their talent not only in crafting melodies but in writing lyrics that are clever and significant means they demand attention and hold massive potential for the future.


For Fans OfIDLES, Interpol, Parquet Courts

If You Only Listen To One Song – My Headache Likes to Speak

Listen to when youre feeling – frustrated / feisty

Pro Tip – Yowl are a very active new band, their sound is even better live and they most likely will be playing a city near you soon if you check out their tour dates. Go support your local venues!

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