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All the reasons to go to the BFI this August

Living in London can be challenging as a student. It seems as if your money disappears to nothing in particular (probably the tube) and at the end of the month, all you can do is live on ramen noodles and pasta pesto for a week.

Thankfully, the city is big, and there are enough options for fun things to do that don’t cost a fortune. The BFI is one of those things. With tickets starting at just 3 pounds for anyone under 25, going to the cinema is finally something you can do again. Even though the BFI doesn’t screen all the newest features, it actually re-releases some pretty cool classics, previews some of the most anticipated new films, and they often bring in the director and/or cast for a Q&A at the end. Here is our list of screening you cannot miss this August.

Heathers (dir. Michael Lehmann) + Q&A – Wednesday 8 AUG 20:10

Being one of the ultimate 80s high school films, Heathers simply has to be seen on a big screen. Now restored in 4K, the film is cooler than ever and afterward you can have a chat with the cast and director of the original ‘mean girls’ of high school.

Joan Crawford at the BFI – from Friday 17 AUG

As one of the most iconic actresses to have ever lived, Joan Crawford is a force to be reckoned with. Her films can be watched over and over again and even after many years, they’re still as contemporary and important as they were when they first came out. The BFI re-releases many of her most iconic films this month (The Women, Mildred Pierce, and Mannequin to name a few). So take your pick and enjoy the fierceness of the incredible leading lady.

Preview: The Miseducation of Cameron Post (dir. Desiree Akhavan) – Monday 13 AUG 18.15

Having won the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, it is safe to say The Miseducation of Cameron Post is a film that has to be seen. Directed by Queen Mary University alum Desiree Akhavan, the film follows Cameron (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) who is sent to a gay conversion camp after being caught making out with a girl. The film has already been getting some award-buzz, so hop on over to the BFI to be the first to see it.

Preview: American Animals (dir. Bart Layton) + Q&A – Thursday 23 AUG 20.20

Two bored university friends decide to rebel against their comfortable upbringings and plan to steal priceless books from their university’s library. An interesting and explosive film that will certainly keep you entertained, American Animals is set to become a new classic. Catch the preview and ask all your burning questions after during the Q&A with the director and cast.

BlacKkKlansman (dir. Spike Lee) – opens Friday 24 AUG

Spike Lee’s newest feature is based on the incredible true story of Ron Stallworth, a black police officer who goes undercover in the KKK using his white colleague as his avatar. With John David Washington and Adam Driver, the film has received critical acclaim at Canne Film Festival and will definitely be up for every major award this year. See it as soon as you can: the film opens on the 24th and with 3-pound tickets, you have no excuse.

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