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Sounds Of The Future – OSCAR JEROME

I first heard the name Oscar Jerome in a discussion with a friend of a friend about up and coming music. Her modest description of a new, modern style of jazz led me to listening to his single ‘Give Back What You Stole From Me’ and a deep, obsessive excitement ensued. There are doubtless similarities in his style of singing to those of well established artists such as King Krule, as well newer stars such as Yellow Days. And yet Oscar Jerome’s music is crafted so intricately, and clearly is backed by an in depth understanding of the music, that it is immediately unique and engaging. A skilful blend of Jazz infused melodies with soulful, politically charged lyrics and clear influences bordering upon Hip Hop, Oscar Jerome is a perfect blend of many genres and moods in a beautifully constructed and crafted singular sound.

What Makes Him A Sound Of The Future? Jerome isn’t afraid to dip into politics, singing of austerity and inequality in his most popular tune ‘Give Back What You Stole From Me’. As you explore further into his EPs there are songs reflecting upon the impact of technology and social media on society with ‘Smile On a Screen’ and deeply personal and intimate portayals of relationships in his slower song ‘Two Sides’. For those lucky enough to see him life, his passion and talent is clear for all to see. Jerome looks at the world and reflects upon it, he assures you of universal experiences while encasing them in carefully crafted melodies and soul-soothing tunes.

Oscar Jerome is a poet both in the words he uses and the music he creates. A refreshingly unique new sound that reminds us there’s still great music out there that we can’t wait to find. If the future holds more Oscar Jerome releases, then it’s a future we’re not quite so worried for.

For Fans Of – King Krule, BadBadNotGood, Yellow Days, Ezra Collective

If You Only Listen To One Song – Give Back What You Stole From Me

Listen to when you’re feeling – Chilled / Subdued

Pro Tip – Oscar Jerome is one of a collection of exciting new artists on the London jazz scene, if he’s your cup of tea check out the recent ‘We Out Here’ comp to get a taste of the bigger movement.

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